How Does The Challenge Work?

Welcome To The 21 Day Sales Challenge!

21 Days. 21 Minutes A Day (Which Includes The Action Steps!) Guaranteed To Help You Generate More Leads, More Sales & More Income!

How Does The Challenge Work?

You're here because you want more leads, more sales and more income! This course is designed to take you step-by-step through the winning strategies and actions to do just that.

  • Book in 20 minutes into your calendar each day to watch the video and download the action plan PDF template.
  • Take IMMEDIATE action on what you learn (don't allow fear or procrastination to hold you back)
  • If you miss a day, that's ok! Keep going from where you left off.
  • You have lifetime access to The Challenge and are welcome to take it over and over again. Many of our students have completed the challenge multiple times.

How Is The Challenge Structured?

  • Filling the pipeline: Day 1-7 is all about filling your pipeline. We cover prospecting, activity levels, strategic partnerships and creative ways to build your pipeline.
  • Selling the pipeline: Day 7-14 is all about selling your pipeline. We talk the psychology of sales, how to run your sales conversations, closing and follow up.
  • Keeping the pipeline: Day 14-21 is all about keeping your pipeline. We explore how to create raving fans and how to turn your business into a 'flywheel' that keeps on giving.
  • Ready To Level Up?: Once you've completed the 21 Day Sales Challenge, and ready to take your whole Sales Game to the next level, go check out to explore joining The Champions League. Psychology + Strategy + Community + Accountability + Live Mentoring. 7 & 8 Figure Sales People (or heading there quickly!)

Q&A… We're Here To Support!

  • You'll notice under each day's training video and PDF a comments section. Feel free to put any questions/challenges you have and one of our team will be quick to reply with some further insights and strategies. Let's make this sales month something worth celebrating! 🎉

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