Put simply: You’re a Project Centric B2B Sales Pro that's realised the knowledge you’re soaking up through being a part of The Sales Game, Why Bravo & Record Breakers community is unlike any other you’ve received before.


You’re sensing it. This isn’t just your normal ‘sales content’ that can be found in any old book or YouTube video. This is tapping into something deeper about the world of sales. Something more meaningful. Something more revealing. Most definitely something far more empowering.


And now you’re wondering how to get your hands on more of the sales gold that’s already having such a positive, immediate impact on the way you’re closing deals.


Here, you receive it all and more – quite literally.

For you, The Champions League was created. 🙌🏻


✅ The Ultimate Library of B2B Sales Education with nothing but the very best MasterClasses, Courses, Trainings and Swipe Files - all proven to send your Sales numbers through the roof.


Yes, you read that correctly. Darcy J Smyth and Steve Claydon – creators of The Sales Game – have opened up their entire Sales Playbook for The Champions League only. A collective 15+ years in sales training, over $1.2B+ in fresh sales growth for over 300+ companies across Australia, NZ, the UK and the United States and these are the exact growth strategies they’ve delivered to make it happen. PLUS any new content created whilst you’re a member of The Champions League (and there will be a lot of it…) is officially yours to devour.

✅ Access To Live Sales Masterclasses Exclusive to The Champions League community.


Here is where the magic happens. Each month, you’ll spend 30 minutes LIVE with Steve and Darcy every week as they dive deep into three specific areas of sales you’ll need to achieve long-term and ever-growing sales success.

1️⃣ Mindset: Keeping yourself and your team motivated to continually improve in the game of sales. When the inevitable rollercoaster of selling hits full speed, this ensures the wheels stay on the tracks when you need it most.

2️⃣ Strategy: The step-by-step processes of how to close sales with not just a large quantity of buyers – but the right buyers as well. No longer will you be searching for the ‘missing piece’ to close the most important deals you’re working on.

3️⃣ Communication: Mastery in the language of sales and understanding how to communicate with your buyer in a way that lights them up over and over again.

✅ Access To 'Record Breakers' - A Weekly Live Sales Huddle


Amazing things happen when a collective group of business owners, sales professionals and company leaders connect to learn new strategies, share ideas and break new records. The Record Breakers community is driven to help you achieve your goals over the long-term because we know together, we are better. You’ll be made to feel at home from the moment you enter the community to the day you decide you’ve had all the massive sales value you can handle. Every Tuesday morning at 9:30AM (AEST).

💰Your Investment: $297 One Time Payment!

Don’t laugh. You may need to read it twice. But yes – the price is what it says on the box - $297. Total. Period. End of story.


Collectively, Steve and Darcy work with clients at an average rate of $21,500 per engagement, depending on the unique requirements of the sales team or business owner.


They continue to do this work on a daily basis, but wanted a way to deliver the value to a driven, growing community that simply wants to get their hands on all the sales gold they can get.


So, they’ve made it as accessible as possible for you. Hold onto your hats… and your jaws.


Your investment for joining The Champions League?


$297 One Time Payment – With Lifetime Access & Updates!


Yes, you may go back and read that a second time now…


$297 gives you access to everything laid out for you above. One price for one offering – all available immediately to you by entering your details below.


Welcome to The Champions League. Let the games begin.


Steve Claydon & Darcy J Smyth of Why Bravo.

Creators of The Champions League, The Sales Game & The Outbound Platform

What Others Are Saying About The Sales Game & The Champions League...

"This Blew My Mind... - Ange"


“I came into this with 35 years business experience... The amount of learning and the amount of information that came back at us was incredible. I’ve changed. My whole paradigm has changed..."

- Simon Anderson

"it’s just been such a phenomenal experience and I really can’t encourage you enough. Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and get some great results in their business - work with Darcy & Steve!"

- Amanda Vinci

Weekly LIVE Sales Huddle!

Join us for our LIVE monthly masterclasses, responsible for millions in fresh sales growth globally! We're here to support you and so is The Champions League community! This is the monthly deep dive you definitely want marked in the calendar!

Complete & Lifetime Access!

Join The Champions League and you instantly get the golden key to our life's best work. Battle tested in the real world with over 10,000 students globally. Fast track your learnings and learn from our mistakes!

A Community To Help You Win!

As a Champions League Member, you gain access to an exclusive group of Sales Pro's and specialists. We all share best practice and are eager to give value. Don't be surprised if you make long term business partners here.


Steve Claydon

- Creator of The Sales Game

- Cofounder at Outbound.

- Director of Why Bravo

- Cofounder of The Champions League

The motivator. The architect of flawless sales strategy. The master of reaching outcomes. With extensive experience within project-related companies and business to business sales, Steve is well known for developing some of the most effective business growth strategies and creative sales tools in the industry. A 6x Sales Author, Responsible for $1.2B+ in additional sales growth across the globe. Outside of sales & business, Steve loves to write, design & draw. Above all, a proud husband and father of two girls.

Darcy J Smyth

- Creator of The Sales Game

- Director of Why Bravo

- Creator of The Tonal Persuasion Method for Sales

- Cofounder of The Champions League

The precise predictor of your buyer’s thoughts. The psychological influence specialist. Those that have experienced Darcy’s work are most often left jaw-dropped by the depth of understanding into human behaviour and buying psychology he has amassed over the years. This is applied directly to your sales and marketing strategies for successful outcomes. Having worked with thousands of business owners and salespeople as a coach, mentor and trainer of buyer psychology, his obsession with the workings of the ‘buying brain’ has generated millions of dollars in sales.

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